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We are listed at the apex in the list of the topmost Anionic Flocculant Suppliers in India. The Anionic Flocculant usually reacts against positively charged suspension. Used for the treatment of waste water and effluent, Anionic Flocculant is highly demanded by the clients. Moreover, Anionic Flocculant can be availed at industry leading rates from us.


  • Water treatment plants
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment plants

Anionic Series

BrandMajor ContentsIonicityShapeEffective pH RangeApplication
ANIMOL 152 & 152 (SP)Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule4 – 10
  • Superior solid-liquid separation in weak acidic to high alkaline pH
  • Paper and pulp waste water.
  • Mining, metal smelting and washing wastewater.
  • Waste water from tertiary treatment of sewage and human waste.
  • Civil engineering, gravel, dredging, mining and coal washing waste water.
  • Metal processing, chemical and other factory waste water.
  • Fishery, food, textile, dye and other waste water.
  • Combined use with Cationic.
  • Iron and steel works waste water.
  • Treatment of drinking water.
  • Dewatering of sludge from city water, factory water and other water.
ANIMOL 156 & 156 (SP) Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule5 – 10
ANIMOL 1810 & 1810 (SP)Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule5 – 10
ANIMOL 2220 & 2220 (SP)Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule5 – 12
ANIMOL 2030 & 2030 (SP)Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule5 – 12
ANIMOL 4020 & 4020 (SP)Co-polymerAnionicWhite Granule5 – 12
ANIMOL 199 199 (SP)Homo--polymerHigh AnionicWhite Granule5 – 12

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Anionic Flocculant (Animol 23CB)

The Anionic Flocculant (Animol 23CB) offered by us is the flocculant with highest molecular weight of polyacrylamide type. Flocculant (Animol 23CB) is ideal for the treatment of service water, industrial water, and processing of mining industry. Flocculant (Animol 23CB) has excellent effect of suspended matters as a promoting agent.

Anionic Flocculant (Animol 1810)

We are a prime Supplier of Anionic Flocculant (Animol 1810) that is made available in granular form. Anionic Flocculant (Animol 1810) enhances the liquid, solid separation in numerous industrial applications. Anionic Flocculant (Animol 1810) bonds water soluble polymers with their chain lengths.

Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2030)

The Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2030) offered by us is a flocculant available in powdered form. Designed for enhancing liquid, solid separation, Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2030) is highly demanded across the nation. Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2030) separates settled flocks from suspensions, and form a rapid settling flock.

Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2220)

We are engaged in providing Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2220), which is used to bring apart particles of liquid and solid in various applications like Filtration, Thickening, Settling, Dewatering, Concentrating, Floatation, Clarification, etc. Further, Anionic Flocculant (Animol 2220) ties up the colloidal particles and binds them together to form rapidly setting flocks.

Anionic Flocculant (Animol 4020)

The Anionic Flocculant (Animol 4020) provided by us is a granular powder of ANIONIC flocculants. Designed and made for separating liquid and solids, Anionic Flocculant (Animol 4020) is widely used in many processes like Clarification, Settling, Thickening, Concentrating, Dewatering, Floatation, Filtration, etc. Anionic Flocculant (Animol 4020) bonds water soluble polymers by their chain lengths.

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